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Paul L. Feinstein

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Practice Areas:
Matrimonial; Family; Divorce; Custody; Appellate

1980, Georgia and Illinois
1997, U.S. Supreme Court

Law School: 
Emory University School of Law, J.D.

Tulane University of Louisiana, B.A., 1977

Illinois State (Member, Sections on: Family Law, 1980 to present; Civil Practice and Procedure, 1982 to present) and American (Member, Family Law, Section, 1980 to present) Bar Associations; State Bar of Georgia (Member, Family Law Section, 1980 to present). Fellow: American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (Member, 1991 to present; Co-Chair, Amicus Briefs Committee, 1996-1997, 2000-2001; Chair, Amicus Briefs Committee, 2007-2012; Board of Managers, 2007-2011; Vice President of Illinois Chapter, 2011-2012). Appellate Lawyers Association (Member, 2010 to present). Fellow  of Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois and International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.


Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta (Secretary, Vice President, 1977-1980). Listed in The Best Lawyers in America, SuperLawyers., Leading Lawyers, Who’s Who in American Law. Named  one of the 10 Best Attorneys by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys.  Speaker on Illinois Domestic Violence Act and Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act for Chicago Bar Association, 1982-1986. Speaker, Matrimonial Law Skills Course for Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 1987. Speaker, Estate Planning Skills Course for Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 1989-1990. Speaker, Child Custody Seminar, Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 2003, 2005. Speaker, Advanced Evidence Seminar, (Record on Appeal), American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 2008. Speaker, Business Valuation, Financial and Tax Issues in Divorce Seminar, Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 2013. Panel Moderator, Appellate Seminars, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, October 2016 and October 2018.  Board of Editors, Matrimonial Strategist, 1995 to 2018. Legal Publications: Author, Chapter in, “Inside the Minds: Strategies for Family Law in Illinois,” Book Published 2010 by Aspatore Books; “Social Security Benefits in Divorce Cases, ” Matrimonial Strategist, October 2015;  “Stop and Look Before You Listen!  Wiretap and Eavesdropping Laws, ” Matrimonial Strategist, December 2014;  “Defining Income for Child Support Purposes: Recent Developments,” Matrimonial Strategist, December 2012; “The Enforcement of Jewish Marriage Contracts by Civil Courts,” Matrimonial Strategist, April 2012; “Family Lawyers in Trouble; Recent Ethics Decisions,” Matrimonial Strategist, August 2011; “College Expense Issues in Domestic Relations Cases,” Matrimonial Strategist, January 2011; “Automatic Restraining Orders in Domestic Relations Cases: Constitutional Challenges,” Matrimonial Strategist, July 2010; “Current Trends in Long-Arm Jurisdiction,” Matrimonial Strategist, January 2010; “Perplexing Problems Under the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act,” Matrimonial Strategist, June and July 2009; “Making an Appealing Record on Appeal,” Matrimonial Strategist, December 2008;  “Update on Parental Alienation Syndrome,” Matrimonial Strategist, July 2008; “Real Estate Minority Interest Discounts In Divorce Cases,” Matrimonial Strategist, February 2008; “Taking the Fifth: Pros and Cons,” Matrimonial Strategist, August 2007; “Prenuptial Agreements: Recent Trends from State to State,” Matrimonial Strategist, December 2006; “Use and Abuse of Experts in Matrimonial Cases,” Matrimonial Strategist, November 2005; “Defining Income for Child Support Purposes,” Matrimonial Strategist, February 2005; “Do You Know Your Federal Law? Conflicts of Law Affect Retirement Plan and Life Insurance Benefits,” Matrimonial Strategist, June 2004; “Term Life Insurance in Divorce Cases: A New Deal,” Matrimonial Strategist, November 2003; “A Case in Point,” Matrimonial Strategist, August 2003; “Beyond DNA: Equitable Parentage,” Matrimonial Strategist, May 2003; “How Matrimonial Lawyers Can Avoid Disqualification Due to Conflicts of Interest,” Matrimonial Strategist, July 2000; “Creative Remedies for Problems Of Short-Term High-Income Earners,” Matrimonial Strategist, May 1999; “Tenancy by The Entirety: A Means Of Protecting a Debtor Spouse,” Matrimonial Strategist, January 1998; “State’s Highest Court Says Workers’ Comp Awards are Marital,” Matrimonial Strategist, October 1996; “When are Workers’ Comp/Personal Injury Awards Marital Property?”, Matrimonial Strategist, July 1996; “Piercing the Corporate Veil in Matrimonial Proceedings,” Matrimonial Strategist, March 1995; “Ramifications of Asserting the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination,” Matrimonial Strategist, December 1994; “Interstate Custody Disputes: Deciphering the Statutory Maze,” Matrimonial Strategist, January 1994; “Final Obituary for Percentage Child Support Orders,” FairShare Magazine, December 1993; “The Automatic Dissolution Stay-Rest in Peace,” Illinois State Bar Association Family Law Newsletter, November 1993; “Citations to Discover Assets,” Illinois Family Law Report, September 1989.  On Circuit Court of Cook County Domestic Relations Division’s list of court-approved mediators for both financially related issues and custody related issues. Court-approved to serve as Guardian Ad Litem, Child Representative and Attorney for the Child, Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.  Illinois Supreme Court Pro Bono Panel Attorney; Appointed to Presiding Judge’s Domestic Relations Division  Procedure and Policy Review Committee.

Chicago, Illinois

Illinois Marriage and Family Therapy Licensing and Disciplinary Board (Illinois Department of Professional Regulation), 1998-2003.

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