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Available Articles

Copies of the following articles written by Mr. Feinstein are available by contacting his office: 

  • Creative Remedies for Problems Of Short-Term High-Income Earners 
  • Tenancy by The Entirety: A Means of Protecting a Debtor Spouse 
  • State’s Highest Court Says Workers’ Comp Awards are Marital 
  • When Are Workers’ Comp/Personal Injury Awards Marital Property? 
  • Piercing the Corporate Veil in Matrimonial Proceedings 
  • Ramifications of Asserting the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination 
  • Interstate Custody Disputes: Deciphering the Statutory Maze 
  • Final Obituary for Percentage Child Support Orders 
  • The Automatic Dissolution Stay– Rest in Peace 
  • Citations to Discover Assets 
  • What to Expect at a Deposition 
  • Helping Your Own Custody Case 
  • Basic Attorney/Client Contract Provisions in Divorce Cases