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Chicago Sun-Times, Copyright Mar 22, 1992 [1992-03-22]

Chicago Sun-Times
Sunday, March 22, 1992 



Michael Sneed 

Bench press . . . 

Gavel grist: A bizarre custody battle is unfolding before Circuit Judge Susan Snow between a 44-year-old computer software 

designer and a 31-year-old Chicago schoolteacher. 

The kicker: Both parents are women! 

The story: Last July, the father of the two young children underwent sex change surgery in Belgium. The mother’s attorney, . . charges in the divorce suit that the father, because of his sex change, is no longer fit to share custody of the children. The father maintains that a sex change has no bearing on his parenting abilities. Both are seeking sole custody. 

The saga: Paul Feinstein, attorney for the father, admitted that the sex change operation has caused some confusion for the two children – but added, We would not deny a parent custody if they were seriously disfigured in an accident. What is important is not how a person looks, but their qualities as a parent.