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SNEED [2011-04-24]

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Chicago Sun‑Times
Copyright 1999
Friday, August 20, 1999
Michael Sneed
It’s a shocker! . . .
A prominent Chicago oral surgeon .  .  .  .    is in Cook County jail today for failure to pay $92,104.96 in child support for his six children . . . ages 5 to 15.
(The doctor), who has offices in Chicago and the suburbs, was drilled Thursday by Divorce Court Judge Veronica Mathein, who ordered (the doctor) jailed indefinitely until he produces a cashier’s or certified check for the total.
(The doctor), who divorced wife .   .   .    in 1997, is under court order to pay $14,000 a month. Her attorney,…   Paul Feinstein, charged in court that (the doctor)once had an income of $1.7 million a year.  .  .  
Unable to pay the back support by the 4 p.m. Thursday deadline imposed by the judge, (the doctor) was sent to Cook County Jail, where he spent the night.
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